The North East brings an exciting bundle of traditional dishes featuring unique twists, what could be better. If you are excited to get stuck in a cook some new dishes this year then this is the section for you, experiment with a new twist on sausage and mash, a casserole with venison heart as a new twist or how about the most decadent liver bacon and onion dish you have ever seen?



Once you have enjoyed the traditional if re-spun delights of this section continue into the tantalisingly good baking sections featured. Here you will find mouth-watering recipes from some of the country’s most inventive bakers, you can find a Bonfire Toffee cake, Chocolate Fondants with a Fruity Surprise or deliciously moist Plum Pudding Cake. Who could resist?

Which traditional dish are you most excited to reinvent from this sections? Which cake recipes have you tried? Please let us know via our Twitter page @GBCookbook.

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