The North West brings an influx of tangible dishes, meals you can really get involved in and have a go at. In a book such as this where many chefs can show off their skills it was inevitable we would find ourselves with many dishes virtually impossible to prepare in the average household kitchen. This is an incredible thing to see and read, but as many of you will be keen cooks it is frustrating when you cannot actually make a full dish.

Here in the North West you can, there are many dishes here to be made an enjoyed in any kitchen. Such a variety as well from Marmite Chicken to Treacle cured Salmon, there is a real mix of unusual flavours and ideas.

To finish off this section we are joined by Soap Star come cheesemonger Sean Wilson who no doubt you all recognise as Martin Platt from Coronation Street. Sean is now an established Chef and Cheese maker in the Yorkshire dales and has shared his experience with us in an in depth feature on locally produced cheese.

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