In The Great British Cookbook there are many delicious dishes that are available to try. Not only are there Michelin Star, AA Rosettes and some of the best restaurants from around the country featuring, but there is also an array of classic dishes that have been modified and changed for your satisfaction.

Starter - Fishermans Scotch Egg

The Traditional Scotch Egg recipe has been thrown out the window for this dish by The Pavilion, who are representing the South West. The outer layer of the Scotch egg is made from potato and crab meat, rather than sausage meat and is layered around a juicy medium/rare scallop. It holds a delightfully refreshing flavour that will revolutionise the way you see Scotch Eggs.

Main Course - Rabbit Wellington

We’ve all tried or heard of the original beef wellington, right? Well why not mix it up and have a Rabbit Wellington instead. This recipe has been included in The Great British Cookbook by The Kingham Plough who are representing Central England. This dish is tender and juicy and is certainly one that your taste buds will go wild for.

Dessert - Deconstructed Blackberry Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a cheesecake? We know we do. This deconstructed blackberry cheesecake created by The Corran Resort and Spa, who are representing Wales, is a joy for everyone to behold. The structured chaos on the plate is a work of art in itself, and if you have a sweet tooth then this dessert is definitely something that you should try.

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