There have been a lot of exciting interviews over this weekend on Chef Radio, featuring a range of chefs that are involved in The Great British Cookbook. The interviews are a great opportunity for you to get a better insight to who the chefs are and what they are about. You’ll also be able to find out more about why they wanted to be a part of the cookbook and why they are happy to help these fantastic charities that are involved. Today is the last day of broadcasting so don’t miss out.

The radio station has already featured some high profile chefs from the book including, Paul Heatcote MBE, Galton Blackiston, Michael Binnington, Cyrus Todiwala, Suree Coates, Danny Edwards and our very own book designer Alex Hardwick. So far, the interviews have been great to listen to and I have no doubt that the upcoming ones will be just as captivating.

Over the weekend (28th November – 1st December) there was plenty of exciting high profile chefs taking to the mic and giving their interviews. These were aired every 35-40 minutes up until Monday, so you still have plenty of time to tune in and catch them.

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